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    8 Clever DIY Repurposed Furniture Ideas To Try This Summer

    With the help of DIY magic and a bit of creativity, you can turn old furniture into something that is not only unique and modern but also practical and functional. I have put together this amazing collection of 8 DIY repurposed furniture...

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    Wine Bottle Crafts | How To Make Wine Bottle Planters

    Are your empty wine bottles collecting dust? I have an easy wine bottle project that is just as fun to do as it was to empty them! Create beautiful hanging wine bottle planters perfect for the winos and non-winos alike. And just like...

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    9 Best DIY Picnic Food Ideas And Crafts

    Summer is here! Growing up in New York City means spending one too many summer days sitting under the trees in Central Park or taking a stroll down by Bowling Green. If you’re not a big city-goer, there’s still one thing we can most...

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    5 DIY Baby Toys Your Precious Ones Will Love

    Babies love exploring and tinkering with practically anything, and it’s both fun and educational for them to play with interesting toys. But it can get costly to keep purchasing name-brand baby toys, so why not DIY it? Your precious one...

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    DIY Beach Party Ideas For Your Beach-Themed Celebration

    Throw a smashing summer party with these beach party ideas that will make you feel like you’re celebrating right at the beach! From games and favors to food, you won’t run out of party ideas to make it one to remember. 1. Refreshing...

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    Make Your Own Busy Board For Toddlers

    Busy’ takes on a whole meaning when there’s a little child in the house. With endless amounts of vitality, curious minds, and fingers that need to jab, pull and prise open almost everything, toddlers simply need to keep themselves busy...

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    5 Fun DIY Sleepover Ideas For Kids

    Sleepovers are fun! I can still remember the sleepovers I’ve been to before as a kid and I will always treasure the fun memories I made with my friends. Now that I’m the one planning, I want to create an awesome experience for my kids...

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    6 Easy Kids Crafts For All Seasons

    Whether you’re looking for party activities or just something to kill time on a boring day, here are awesome easy kids crafts to keep both them and you occupied! 1. DIY Sprinkler System For Kids When it’s hot and sunny outside,...

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    8 DIY Back To School Supplies

    Complete your list with cool DIY back to school supplies that will help anyone get through another school year from DIY pencil pouches, DIY lunch totes, and more! You won’t run out of ideas and projects to work on before school starts...

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    7 Pipe Cleaners Crafts

    When it comes to crafts with kids, you can’t go wrong with ones that include pipe cleaners. They are so safe to use and they come in so many colors, too! Spend some quality time with your little one crafting these cool ideas! 1. Woven...

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