DIY Earring Holder Ideas That Are Cheap and Easy

While I have a lot of different pairs of earrings, I tend to stick to the same one or two pairs most days because it can be a hassle to find a different pair in my unorganized jewelry box. These DIY earring holder projects are the perfect solution to this problem.

They stylishly display your earrings for easy access so you will be much more likely to change things up and get more use out of your existing pairs of earrings. While there are a lot of DIY earring holder ideas out there, not all are ones I would want to have on display. So, I hunted and found 8 amazing options that are both practical and look great!

1. DIY Earring Stud Rack

I love this minimalist DIY earring holder that is so simple and functional while still looking great. This stud earring rack would match pretty much any interior decor. This project is very straight forward. The hardest part is probably cutting the plywood to the size you want. However, you can even have this done for you at Lowe’s or Home Depot for very inexpensively if you don’t have a jigsaw. (via DIY in PDX)

2. Brass Pyramid DIY Earring Holder

Talk about a DIY earring holder that you can proudly display! Honestly, even without earrings on it, I would accessorize shelves with this geometric brass structure. I was very pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to build when I read through the tutorial, so make sure you check it out. Sometimes when projects look amazing and store bought like these, we think that it will be impossible for the amateur DIYer, but this is absolutely not the case.

Another great thing about this DIY earring holder is that it would work for hoop earrings and non-stud styles as well. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Customizable Earring Storage Board

This next one is similar to the first DIY earring holder, but it is sized down to be perfect for your bathroom counter. How cute is it propped up on the little easel too? I also love the idea of how you could easily customize this pattern with any colors you want. (via Club Crafted)

4. Upcycled Birchbox Earring Holder

While this isn’t as fashionable an option as the others, it is so darn clever and functional. I have to admit that I kept all of the boxes that my Birchbox deliveries came in because they are so darn cute. Most are actually super fun colors and designs, which isn’t shows in the ones used for this project. So, you could pick your favorite designs or spray paint whatever color you’d like. Then, you create the earring organizer with just a push pin – super easy! (via Smart n Snazzy)

5. Embroidery Hoop DIY Earring Holder

This video is 30 seconds long and shows you all the steps to make this really cute DIY earring holder. That tells you how simple it is. All you need is a piece of lace and an embroidery hoop, and you can have it finished faster than it takes you to find the second earring in your disorganized jewelry box.

6. Ikea Hack Earring Holder

For another super simple option, check out this DIY earring holder Ikea hack! All you need is to take an Ikea frame and get a decorative piece of metal or plastic to fit inside. Pretty darn easy, right? It will take less than 5 minutes and less than 3 dollars to make! (via Eighteen25)

7. Framed DIY Earring Holder

I love the pop of color of these framed DIY earring holders that you can paint any color you like. Again, super cheap and easy to make. Again, I am always looking for DIY projects that are cheap & easy, but don’t look it when I share projects with you. (via A Joyful Riot)

8. Cork Coaster Stud Earring Holder

Well, bad news, I couldn’t find a tutorial associated with this DIY earring holder. But, not to worry. Good news is that it is so easy that you really don’t need one! Basically, all you need are cork coasters. You can punch a hole in them to hang with a ribbon if you want to put them on display. Or, you can use this as a great way to organize your earrings and store them under your sink for much easier access.